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A happy smileWith fake tears underneathShe’s so happy!They all believe itToo happyBlinded by toxicityAnother day passes byToo sadBack to the depressionGo back to the doctorSocial media detoxFailures and failuresHeartbreak and broken promisesIt’s on a loopDone, I am with lifeDone, I am with friendsNothing is going to be betterSo I stare outsideJust living inside my mindI…

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I cried and cried when i heard you’re sick Wanting to spend all my time with you as the clock ticks Trying my best to keep you alive Praying every night that you survive Hopeful, when i saw you becoming better Grateful, i thought we’ll be together forever Thankful for you trying so hard Careful,…

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Cloudy Skies

I can’t remember the last time I was happy And excited to be living I write because no one understands Sinking deeper in quicksand Everything is too much in my mind Nothing I do feels right Trying to solve everything on my own Frozen, can’t move my bones Fallen and sinking deeper Abandoned with no…

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Lifeless in this field of deathPanting and helpless trying to catch your breathShrinking slowly in the depths of despairNo one looking for you in this secret lair Pain follows you everywhereScreaming, is there anybody there?Life leaves you each dayCan’t remember the last time you’re okay When life seems so hard to liveFeeling so drained and…

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Supporting Role

willing to listencall me anytimei’ll always be herei’ll hold you for a while listening but they don’t get itbroken words and full of liesno one cares, they’ll leave you bewhy do people lie? friends should be a support systemshould have your back for lifekeep in touch, ask how you feelbut the spot is always unoccupied…

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Into The Fire

You’re used to goodbyesEveryone explains and give you a lieNothing is really surprising anymoreAs you watch them walk out the door You’re not afraid if they leaveEven if it leaves you emptyYou no longer tryBecause you always make them fly Used on being mistreatedWhen is the cycle going to end?Scared to know what’s nextQuestioning everything…

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Ruins Of

Every story starts with crazy fireworksBut ends in deafening silenceWe try to hold on to the feelingDo everything we can til there’s nothing left to sayWe memorised the last dayWondering what we could’ve done moreFeel the cold windLost in heavy nightsWake up lonely

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