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Last Chance To Turn Around

when a door closes, it’s like a punch in the face everything was sudden stunned and speechless waiting for a turn aroundtrying to understandwaiting for a phone calla messagepraying it’ll come backkeeping an ear openin case something’s changedaren’t we always wrong to think more?months have passed and we realisedacceptance followsstill be gratefulbut forget the dreams…

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Last Night On Earth

Detach yourself and walk away Don’t get too close cause you can’t stay Get used to goodbyes and what ifs Everyone around you can live with it The loneliness has finally consumed you You can’t escape it, it’s forever linked to you You know you can never return again You were on top but it…

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You’re Not Supposed To Be Here

Every night I go to sleepThink about the dayWhat have gone wrong in betweenIt wasn’t supposed to be this way A monster visits you every nightTo implement worries and fearsPatiently waiting to give you frightYou lose sleep until he disappears It’s a battle of the mindHard to think when you’re in the darkStay in there…

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