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Supporting Role

willing to listencall me anytimei’ll always be herei’ll hold you for a while listening but they don’t get itbroken words and full of liesno one cares, they’ll leave you bewhy do people lie? friends should be a support systemshould have your back for lifekeep in touch, ask how you feelbut the spot is always unoccupied…

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It doesn’t leave us

Why do we keep a diary? In hoping we will be able to confide everything in a paper, as we have never been able to confide in anyone, and hope that this will be a great source of comfort and support. We can shake off everything we write. Our sorrows disappear, our courage is reborn.…

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Pressure Point

I like being alone. The quiet comforts me. I would rather hear silence than the rumbling of a crowd. I would rather lay comfortably on my bed and watch lessons than to leave the house. I am not a social person but I can be charismatic and I know the right thing to say. I…

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