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love comes when you least expect it amazing feeling too stunned to wrestle with it unexpected love hits the hardest your old sky turns the darkest love will make you the weakest attacks unexpectedly it cuts you the deepest is it worth one more push as you turn around slowly it rushes to you for…

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Ruins Of

Every story starts with crazy fireworksBut ends in deafening silenceWe try to hold on to the feelingDo everything we can til there’s nothing left to sayWe memorised the last dayWondering what we could’ve done moreFeel the cold windLost in heavy nightsWake up lonely

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Lock And Key

I need a partner who is God fearing. A man of faith and integrity. In a world thats constantly changing, I need consistency. Someone respectful. I need a partner who is ambitious but humble. Someone filled with drive and passion but sympathetic and compassionate. I want someone who knows what he wants in life. Someone…

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Refusing to believe what’s real and what’s notRefuse to accept feelings and leave them to rotRefuse to be girl you’re afraid to beRefuse to accept you matter and choosing to flee In constant state of being led onConvincing yourself it’s okay as long as you hold onYou have no idea you’re bound to another heartbreakTell…

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Can’t Buy Me Love

Pushing everyone who tries to get closeUnderstand why some people don’t wanna showComfortable of being aloneSo used being confided in a small cone not allowing to see any vulnerabilitytell yourself love isn’t your game and you don’t want to be a liabilityits either you break up or get marriedyou mask your feelings, keep it buried…

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Arrivals And Departures

I don’t want to feel anything but I want to feel everything. I want to feel happiness. I want to tell someone everything. Sometimes to be numb is better. I want to have a best friend. I would given everything to hold on to the love. But I will never give up my dignity. I’m…

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