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Run Around

They told you noIt will never work outTold you experiences of their ownHope always lead to a let downBreak down your dreamsNever having faith you could win People who have made itOvercame their fears and insecuritiesAchieving the impossibleOwning their mistakes and be responsibleGetting through storms and rainsFocusing only on their aim You only have yourself…

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There Are Many Things I Keep Hidden

I hide my fearNever letting anyone come nearI hide my scarsExpressing my sadness thru the work of artI hide my insecurityGiving up faith in humanityI hide my disappointmentsOpening up now is pointlessI hide my hopeGrasping to hold on to a ropeI hide my dreamsStaying in this horrorific themeI hide my griefLying beneath the water surface…

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Teen Spirit

Never look for love. We should figure ourselves first. Be complete alone and stop searching for someone to fill the need. There’s more to life than love. No one is more capable of loving yourself than you. Learn to love every good and bad thing about yourself. Listen to you heart, mind and body. Never…

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New Things

Some people matterSome people don’tIt’s plain and simpleWe don’t need to complicate moreStories are loud every beginningBut always ended with silenceA feeling we always hold on toWe’d do anything to continueBut we don’t know what to sayAt the right momentWe try to make excusesSoon we’ll start feeling betterSoon the face will just be a memorySoon…

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Ruins Of

Every story starts with crazy fireworksBut ends in deafening silenceWe try to hold on to the feelingDo everything we can til there’s nothing left to sayWe memorised the last dayWondering what we could’ve done moreFeel the cold windLost in heavy nightsWake up lonely

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House Of Lies

Wherever is yours will be entirely yoursa life, future, imagination only you understandthere’s an illustration you see beyond wordsyou find comfort in silence, waiting for a helping handstuck between what’s truth and what’s a liethere’s the familiar feeling shooting straight to your heartyou’re still speechlessalways been the bad guy

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Refusing to believe what’s real and what’s notRefuse to accept feelings and leave them to rotRefuse to be girl you’re afraid to beRefuse to accept you matter and choosing to flee In constant state of being led onConvincing yourself it’s okay as long as you hold onYou have no idea you’re bound to another heartbreakTell…

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Pointless Yet Helpful

The most important thing is be kind. Be honest, be real. Mean what you say, don’t break your promises. Be sensitive to other people’s feelings, be genuine with your actions. Don’t disregard other people’s opinions. Some people will be taking you for granted. Still, choose to be kind. Be forgiving. And people will always remember…

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Unsocial Sociability

Sometimes its better to be just silent. You’ll be more peaceful. You don’t need to argue or defend yourself to anyone. You’re allowed to keep quiet, to not answer, to walk away without sharing what’s on your mind. You owe nobody an explanation. Stop responding to toxicity of people and the cycle will die quickly.…

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Every End Is A Beginning

When everything ends. It always feels like tragic. Followed by series of awful events. But then we look back laughing at ourselves of how foolish we were during that time. Rebuilding takes a lot of time and if you didn’t get the right pieces, you’re gonna keep rebuilding and rebuilding. You will be so angry…

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