Tag: Faith

How Does A Person Change?

How does a person changeWhen the world feels dark and heavyA spotlight onstageI yearn for peace, Lord please lead me I am drifting away from the goodLost and lonelySearching for signs of YouHoping you’ll shine light on me I ask myself whyWhy bad things happen?Why people pass away?Why do we suffer? Trouble timesI am moving…

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On The Hunt

People often say its okay to get lost in life. To live in uncertainty. We have left many years behind us yet we still have a lot more ahead of us. They say we are where we are supposed to be – they say there’s no need to rush. We all have planned our future.…

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Fair Game

There are times that we tell ourselves that we know how something will end and when we are caught with it we wish it never began. Right now, it wasn’t fading anymore. It has faded. I didn’t want you to go. Even in the worst says, I will still be thankful. I have learned a…

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