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New Things

Some people matterSome people don’tIt’s plain and simpleWe don’t need to complicate moreStories are loud every beginningBut always ended with silenceA feeling we always hold on toWe’d do anything to continueBut we don’t know what to sayAt the right momentWe try to make excusesSoon we’ll start feeling betterSoon the face will just be a memorySoon…

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Every End Is A Beginning

When everything ends. It always feels like tragic. Followed by series of awful events. But then we look back laughing at ourselves of how foolish we were during that time. Rebuilding takes a lot of time and if you didn’t get the right pieces, you’re gonna keep rebuilding and rebuilding. You will be so angry…

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Here’s To Adventure

It takes one moment to make a decision. A minute. An hour. Less than a day. Decide what you want to do and planning. When we are in a bad situation, the people that wants to be there for us becomes irresistible. There’s that common wound we connect from. There’s that comfort we seek and…

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