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A Shooting Star

Time passes by Midnight comes with the dark sky Looking from my window Waiting for a Shooting Star I savour the moment Searching for any movement The moon shines so brightlg As I wait here endlessly I’ll make a wish upon that star To reach my dreams that seem so far Hoping my life would…

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Your Life

Your lifeIs pricelessHold on to itDon’t settle for less Your lifeHas a purposeLearn how to breatheIt’s okay to be nervous Your lifeIs meaningful to othersLet go of the pastForget the old lovers Your lifeIs in your controlLive a good lifeAlways remember your goal

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I am sick of temporaryWhy do people like to waste time?Make you feel like you’re their friendAnd the next day make your memories burried Some of us are fragileTrying to make it through the day with a smileEveryone faces their inner demons as they sayBut is it really nothing for you to leave after a…

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To Know You

I saw the part of youThe one you don’t want anyone else to seeThe people around youBlindly see you I have the upper handTime will only tellBut I only see the partsThat you want me to see Take it slowlyThat’s what you saidOpen your heart,  just show meStop messing with my head You look the…

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Difficulty Of Doing Nothing

you start to overthink things thinking about the future that causes your anxiety carrying all this weight on your shoulder trying to control everything around you worrying about what happens next I guess your greatest fear is to waste your prime wilt in despair wasting your time

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You only want me When it’s convenient Having me as your beck and call Like it’s some sort of achievement Calling me when you’re drunk I filled your void temporarily Hoping to get closer each fuck You wanted me just momentarily Leaving in the morning Without any trace Ignoring all the warnings I lose my…

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what would i tell you

you won’t find yourself where you have lost it it’s not always good for our health being stuck is hard to admit want to return to the past when we were loved and happy cornered and we want to get out fast good old days, nothing crappy lost your way and direction goal and drive…

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New Things

Some people matterSome people don’tIt’s plain and simpleWe don’t need to complicate moreStories are loud every beginningBut always ended with silenceA feeling we always hold on toWe’d do anything to continueBut we don’t know what to sayAt the right momentWe try to make excusesSoon we’ll start feeling betterSoon the face will just be a memorySoon…

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Not doing anything might be one of the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do in our life. Used to the daily grind and social life. Don’t be stuck in the fear that you will miss a lot of opportunities. This is the time to be more open minded. Reconnect with people online. Life has…

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Bon voyage

If I text you and you don’t reply. It’s okay, I still miss you. The past week was surely a test. My right ear aches, my high school friend started ignoring me, then my supposedly SO started ghosting me for like five days now. My life is falling apart. I have already talked to my…

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