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Lifeless in this field of deathPanting and helpless trying to catch your breathShrinking slowly in the depths of despairNo one looking for you in this secret lair Pain follows you everywhereScreaming, is there anybody there?Life leaves you each dayCan’t remember the last time you’re okay When life seems so hard to liveFeeling so drained and…

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There Are Many Things I Keep Hidden

I hide my fearNever letting anyone come nearI hide my scarsExpressing my sadness thru the work of artI hide my insecurityGiving up faith in humanityI hide my disappointmentsOpening up now is pointlessI hide my hopeGrasping to hold on to a ropeI hide my dreamsStaying in this horrorific themeI hide my griefLying beneath the water surface…

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Last Night On Earth

Detach yourself and walk away Don’t get too close cause you can’t stay Get used to goodbyes and what ifs Everyone around you can live with it The loneliness has finally consumed you You can’t escape it, it’s forever linked to you You know you can never return again You were on top but it…

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Into The Fire

You’re used to goodbyesEveryone explains and give you a lieNothing is really surprising anymoreAs you watch them walk out the door You’re not afraid if they leaveEven if it leaves you emptyYou no longer tryBecause you always make them fly Used on being mistreatedWhen is the cycle going to end?Scared to know what’s nextQuestioning everything…

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Ruins Of

Every story starts with crazy fireworksBut ends in deafening silenceWe try to hold on to the feelingDo everything we can til there’s nothing left to sayWe memorised the last dayWondering what we could’ve done moreFeel the cold windLost in heavy nightsWake up lonely

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Everyone is hopeful for world peace but here at this time facing a pandemic there’s no union. Very few countries are being truthful of reporting and actually doing they’re best to disinfect and contain the virus while other countries are not testing enough as it would cause panic to the people like the Olympics but…

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After Hours

Some tough situations will test you. They will question your being and made you feel you shouldn’t be in this world. You feel like the world is out to get you and anything you do will just backfire at you. When everything is piling up from a breakup to a career setback to a family…

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I am learning to walk alone in a blinding path, finding my way to where I am supposed to be. Taking care of myself with no one to hold on to. Easing the pain that I have been put through. Struggles. Finally solving things on my own. There’s a big boundary now and I won’t…

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Fair Game

Anxiety and depression has been with me for a very long time. Don’t we have it all inside us? Some of us hide it better than others, some of us are lucky to be surrounded by people who genuinely love us and support us. It has been hard dealing it alone. You can’t fool yourself…

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Cut And Run

Who am I? When I am standing in front of a mirror Each day I’m getting queerer Feeling so hopeless there’s no other way In the journey of self discovery Invisible scars all over my body Needing validation, feeling empty Looking from outside quietly Aching for adventure In want of a bigger life Soon, I…

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