A lesson

Time is never on our side
We take it for granted instead of using it as a guide
Doing the same things again and again
Facing the same problems since we were ten

We often experience the same things in life
Heartbreak, failures, disasters and strife
Because we never learn
We leave the situation but soon will return

Avoiding the paved road is easy
When you have a choice, it’s easy to see
Love, carees, adventures, too much risk
But we always chase the thrill

Flawed, that’s what we are
Complaints everywhere, ready for civil war
Protests and protests as if there’s no pandemic
Can’t shut up, can’t lead, can’t follow
Making everything more toxic

Lessons of life, they never stop
Change is constant, learn to adapt
You will lose yourself
If you keep chasing the meaning of life
Take your problems and be tough
Instead of barking and being rough
Isn’t it being simple and kind, enough?


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