The Last Time

Marriage was supposed to felt safe
Grow a family together as you both age
To a man who swore to love and protect you
Bad times and good times, to see them through
But change is a constant thing in this world
Lust is the greatest sin in this world
When you act freely, why get married in the first place
Why settle when all excited you is the chase
Is freedom expensive to have?
That you rather kill your wife and child?
Rather have the insurance than the divorce
Girls after girls, they never end
Never enough no matter how much you bend
Once a hero in your eyes
Hands on your throat as he takes away your life
Gone is the man who swore to protect you
He is not a good guy, that’s the truth
Fear instilled in you as you scream “no”
That’s the last time you’ll see
A monster, before he throws you into the sea


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