I cried and cried when i heard you’re sick
Wanting to spend all my time with you as the clock ticks
Trying my best to keep you alive
Praying every night that you survive

Hopeful, when i saw you becoming better
Grateful, i thought we’ll be together forever
Thankful for you trying so hard
Careful, with everything we do

Weeks have gone by you were slowly deteriorating
Days passes by you’re movements got slower in pace
I remember the day you last got up on your own
I took a photo, didn’t know that was the last smile you’ll show

The expected day would soon come
I never imagine the day you’ll be gone
Tears, pain, love, suffering i felt that night
Your eyes wide open, in my arms your lifeless body lay

I don’t feel like doing anything
Not interested on what tomorrow might bring
Memories from yesterday haunts me til today
Its hard but I’ll continue, in every step I will make, your memories in my heart stays

Poetry Thoughts

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