what would i tell you

you won’t find yourself
where you have lost it
it’s not always good for our health
being stuck is hard to admit

want to return to the past
when we were loved and happy
cornered and we want to get out fast
good old days, nothing crappy

lost your way and direction
goal and drive that used to propel you
you are certain it’s not a depression
Clueless on what happened and nothing to pursue

when the past is too hard to let go of
and the future looks scary to touch
nothing is worthy of your love
struggling, everything is too much

do you stay lost because you’re not ready to be found?
because being found happens where you are
inspiration is out there, listen to the sound
chart on your new course, it’s not that far

in every step you’ll make
gain back control of your life slowly
you’ll find your self each risk you take
you just need to start walking


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