Last Night On Earth

Detach yourself and walk away
Don’t get too close cause you can’t stay
Get used to goodbyes and what ifs
Everyone around you can live with it

The loneliness has finally consumed you
You can’t escape it, it’s forever linked to you
You know you can never return again
You were on top but it was taken away

Keep mourning for the loss
No one will accept your flaws
Anxiety makes you feel like an outsider
Lurking around but nothing gets better

You’re observant and always paying attention
No one will notice if you go to another dimension
You are invisible and unwanted
Wherever you go, you feel haunted

No one would care if it’s your last day
Your expectations of people would leave you betrayed
No one will miss you when you die
Watch from above as the crocodiles cry

Depression Poetry Thoughts

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