Teen Spirit

Never look for love. We should figure ourselves first. Be complete alone and stop searching for someone to fill the need. There’s more to life than love. No one is more capable of loving yourself than you. Learn to love every good and bad thing about yourself. Listen to you heart, mind and body. Never revolve your world around one person. It’ll be toxic. For you. For the other person. It’ll fuck you. Let go when you need to and never beg for someone’s love. What’s for you will always find you. It will never require force. It’s okay to be selfish. Choose what makes you happy. There are other people or situations that’s not worth bending over for.

People change and that’s life. If you outgrown each other they will be strangers and so are you for them. It’s okay. It’s normal.

Forgive the people who hurt you. Never hold grudges. Everyone will teach you something valuable in life. Be strong and learn how to move along. Nothing in life is guaranteed and make sure you will always end the day happy and grateful.

It’s okay to look back but keep moving forward. We get trapped sometimes in our past. Never knowing when to let go. If it’s meant to be, it will be. Let go and it will come back to you. Treasure your family and friends and the ones who are there for you.

Life Thoughts

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