This Must Be A Payback

I’m getting bored. Disappointed. Uncomfortable. I expected this. But it’s changing our lives so much. A lot of us don’t have someone by our side for comfort. Our routine was replaced by just using internet and watching movies or series.

This is not the lowest or the rock bottom. Everything is just getting started. It’s taking a toll on our mental health. We are scared of not having a life after this. The loneliness, boredom and sadness. We are all shaken. Every night we go to the bed we do summarise our day. Not excited for tomorrow or having to face another self isolation. Looking at the calendar wanting to fast forward but at the same time you have this feeling it will be extended or it is indefinite. You all have to adjust and be on the same page.

We lost control and it sucks. Every plan we had is gone. I’m afraid it’s going to affect us in a long term. It seems like there’s no reason to be happy. We have things. We get by. But it always go back to the thought of this is going to last for a long time. This year was too unexpected. Little by little things work out. It’s going to be hard and time consuming. It will drain us.

I hope we will see the beauty of this soon. I am glad the pollution has reduced. Is this how earth answer of all the years of ignoring the climate and caring of nature? Are people going to change? Will anybody going to realise something?

Life Thoughts World

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