Goodbye Party

A few months ago I would wait by the phone, waiting for a message. After months of dragging on. Never having the courage to confront and end it. I thought you would realise things and finally make up your mind and come to your senses.

Trying to connect the dots for so long. Expecting an apology and closure. Imagining over and over what would I say if that situation come. But all I heard was silence. Nothing. I had restrained myself from messaging. It was your decision to end our communication and I had to respect it. I have been blocked which was so shady.

I thought it was meant to last forever. I thought someone finally have put up with me. I thought I finally found my forever. I thought you were finally going to stay. I waited and waited. Months went by then I learned how to accept it. Being occupied with many things helped me a lot. Our time expired but I couldn’t see it because I kept looking the other way.

Life Love Thoughts

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