Pointless Yet Helpful

The most important thing is be kind. Be honest, be real. Mean what you say, don’t break your promises. Be sensitive to other people’s feelings, be genuine with your actions. Don’t disregard other people’s opinions. Some people will be taking you for granted. Still, choose to be kind. Be forgiving. And people will always remember you as someone with a big heart. Always remember the golden rule and do what you want someone do to you. Give everything you can and someday the good karma will return to you. A lot of things are temporary but we never forget how people made us feel. Don’t play games with anyone.

Always do your best. Don’t care much about what other people’s business and always mind your own. Support but never meddle. And whatever happens, happens. God is with you. God hears you and He will always give what you need and deserve.

Life Thoughts

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