Every End Is A Beginning

When everything ends. It always feels like tragic. Followed by series of awful events. But then we look back laughing at ourselves of how foolish we were during that time. Rebuilding takes a lot of time and if you didn’t get the right pieces, you’re gonna keep rebuilding and rebuilding. You will be so angry for being hurt. It sucks being hurt by someone good. It’s almost unbelievable. Depression knows no one. It will suck on you like a leech until you have nothing. Stop waiting for a miracle. No one is going to save you. Stop wasting your time and go get what you deserve. It’s time to establish new things. Reflect. Don’t waste your best years over someone who left you so easily. Just like that. It’s not an awful ending but just an end of a chapter.

You always need to remember why and how things end. It will tell you a lot. Never hold onto the memory of a person who wronged you terribly.

Slowly learn how to spend time wisely and focus your energy on something worth it. We have the power to turn things around on our lives. Don’t open closed doors. Leave toxic situations sooner than later. Never let anyone define who you are. Never be afraid of walking away. Chasing things or people that aren’t meant for you will only hurt you. All good things are worth waiting for.

Life Thoughts

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