The Edge Of The World

In this crisis, a lot of us are working from home, taking classes online or not doing anything literally. There’s a lot we can do.

Play Video games. I’ve started playing call of duty mobile and in playstation. It improves our coordination, problem solving skills, thinking skills, multitasking skills. And that rewarding feeling whenever we win.

Play or learn instruments. It cultivates creativity. It makes us more patient. Increases our memory capabilities. It’s time to finally learn that piece of piano or that guitar riff we’ve always wanted to learn.

Learn how to cook. Or improve our cooking skills. Some of us have a lot of foods in our fridge by hoarding in supermarkets. It saves us a lot of money cooking at home.

Read books. I am a slow reader. It will expand our vocabulary and knowledge. It’s brain exercise. Better focus. Enhances our imagination and empathy.

Play with our pets. I’m sure a lot of our pets are happy that their humans are staying home most often. Maybe it’s time to teach them tricks. Play with them indoors.

Spend time with our family. Spend our time with our loved ones. Strengthen our bond. Some of us might have neglected our family members having more social life outside than inside our home. Nothing is better than having your family beside you in this crisis.

I think this lockdown in some countries can until the end of second quarter at least. It’s sad that we are in this situation when some government didn’t listen, didn’t prepare, didn’t take this seriously. While we can hold China accountable for this, they have been very great in their response to their country when it comes to disinfecting the Wuhan province. I really hope the team who went to Italy can really help them. It’s heartbreaking to see numbers of deaths increase every day. It’s more heartbreaking that the medical workers can’t even get a test when they have symptoms. It’s heartbreaking when all these celebrities and players get tested while the civilians can’t even get it. Let’s help each other. And we all may learn from this. God bless us all.

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