Covid19 Effect

Let’s not take things for granted again after this. Let’s not hoard the supplies in the store, some other people can’t afford to buy a lot at a time. Lets cherish and appreciate the people around us, our friends that we have stopped seeing. Let’s continue with the plans we have not waiting as prolonging sometimes lead to cancellation. Let’s be mindful and ready and take everything seriously. Let’s have a healthy diet and take our vitamins. Let’s vote wisely on elections on who will take care of us during crisis. Let’s practice good hygiene and wash our hands. Let’s have bidet installed in our toilet room so we won’t have to hoard tissues. Let’s take care of our employees.

I hope everybody learns from this. The moment this news came, I knew it was going to be pandemic when they said there’s incubation period, when it was Chinese New year and many people have gone on holidays, when a lot of countries didn’t closed borders, when most government thought it was just a flu. I commend all countries who have closed border right away, and the countries who have established great measures of safety and quarantine. Look at them now compared to the countries who didn’t take it seriously. I hope it’s not too late in some countries. As long as there’s no vaccine. As long as people are going out not practicing social distancing. As long as there’s still people who think partying and going to pubs are better than staying home. I can see this crisis going at least the second quarter of the year. And if things aren’t getting better and there’s still cases being reported by then, it can stretch our to the third quarter or the entire year. People thought as long as they have alcohols they’ll be safe. Social distancing has been the key of avoiding all of this, while some people blame their government on this crisis. Whether we get contact or not, it can also be on our hands. If you aren’t practicing the guidelines of how to avoid it.

I studied clinical laboratory science before and these kind of things I have always took seriously. I can afford to hoard if I want to but chose not to, I am not selfish and know some people buy supplies one at a time only and I figured supermarkets will not close as they have to provide the essentials for the people, banks will not closed so we don’t have to dry ATM machines, this isn’t a zombie apocalypse and panicking will not help anyone. And I hope once you’re done hoarding, you will leave the supermarkets alone for a few weeks. We rise by helping each other. Let’s not be selfish. There had been many warnings. Incubation period, no vaccinations, it stays on surface for days, asymptomatic. Now we are experiencing the lack of mindfulness.

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