Everyone is hopeful for world peace but here at this time facing a pandemic there’s no union. Very few countries are being truthful of reporting and actually doing they’re best to disinfect and contain the virus while other countries are not testing enough as it would cause panic to the people like the Olympics but everything will get worse if we don’t move. A lot of people didn’t take it seriously and look now, the countries that have closed borders right away only have a little numbers compared to the countries who didn’t take it seriously. It worked. Every first person case has been in China and it’s not bad to have banned them early if it meant looking out for our own people. The word racism is so overrated everybody sees negative first when no one should be offended in the first place.

The market is crashing, economy is hurt, people are dying, people are panic buying which is not a good idea at all. Herd immunity isn’t a good idea also, it’s a very risky experiment to try. I hope we all learned from this crisis. Let’s not disturb the animals that shouldn’t be eaten. Learn how to be always prepared. Never take anything for granted and learn how to obey.

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