Here’s To Adventure

It takes one moment to make a decision. A minute. An hour. Less than a day. Decide what you want to do and planning. When we are in a bad situation, the people that wants to be there for us becomes irresistible. There’s that common wound we connect from. There’s that comfort we seek and long for. A chance to feel alive again. A chance to have something to look forward to.

And that’s a mistake relying on someone. When someone starts appreciating you, showering you with affection, we settle because we think we deserve it. Just a little something. There’s love in ther for sure, that’s why we continue and we keep on staying. We have become familiar with it so walking away seems harder.

I am not looking forward anymore. I still don’t understand some things but I am not looking for them anymore. I am happy this time has given some growth. What we allow will continue. What we do today will reflect on our tomorrow.

Life Thoughts

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