On The Hunt

People often say its okay to get lost in life. To live in uncertainty. We have left many years behind us yet we still have a lot more ahead of us. They say we are where we are supposed to be – they say there’s no need to rush. We all have planned our future. We all wanted to create the life we wanted to live but sometimes things don’t go the way we want them too. Some of us got lost and still lost while some of us never recovered. We have lost the game and we are slowly giving up.

We started to regroup, rethink, re-plan our life. Reflect on what went wrong, avoid the mistakes we did and do the things we should’ve done. There are no more peaceful night as we think what went wrong and the realizations starts to sink in. Torturing our mental health, blaming ourselves, thinking we are failures. A part of us still find the positivity that this is just a phase, that we can still make it happen. A part of us wants to give up and end it and then we find ourselves in the bottom beint confused more than ever not knowing where to start or what to do.

We start to lose our purpose and what we originally aimed to do. We start to question our ability. We start to lose our confidence. We start to be sensitive when asked about our career or what have we been doing. We start to avoid people to avoid their questions. We start our own pity party.

We forget we are still alive and can still turn things around. Everyday is a new chance to do something better. Something new. Everyday is a chance to find what we love and be committed on it 100%. Change is scary, but its scarier to live in a lifetime of what ifs and regrets. Chances we didn’t take. Its not worth to live the same miserable days over and over again until we fade away completely. We are all capable of great things. Process and heal on our own timing. It’s time to start doing more and speak less. Its up to us to enhance our potential and do everything to make it. Focus on your race and everything else is irrelevant. Nothing is going to change if you keep yourself in your comfort zone.

Life Thoughts

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