After Hours

Some tough situations will test you. They will question your being and made you feel you shouldn’t be in this world. You feel like the world is out to get you and anything you do will just backfire at you. When everything is piling up from a breakup to a career setback to a family drama. It’s really hard to keep going when you feel alone, when you have no one to turn to. When it seems like everyone has abandoned you.

No one wants to be hurt or suffer. No one wants to be betrayed by their partner. No one wants to feel heartbreak. No one wants to feel hopeless. No one wants to remember the highlights that will remind you how things ended. Why it had to. Sometimes we try our hardest to make things work but it’s not always in our hands how a person heals or changes. No one changes by staying or by loving them harder. It doesn’t matter how hard you fought for it or the sacrifices you gave. People change their mind all the time and you just have to live by that. Expect nothing and hope for the best.

You have to maximise the space that you have now. Don’t dwell for much longer as you’ll get left behind. Now you know what you want going forward. You have the chance for a rebirth and change the things you wanted to. You’ve survived worse than this and you don’t need to dwell on your scars but they are reminder that you’ve surpassed it.

You deserve a good life. You deserve someone who’ll listen to you. You deserve someone who’ll give you time. You deserve someone who is excited to see and talk to you. You deserve someone who’ll open their selves to you. You deserve someone that holds their promises. You deserve someone who’ll stay.

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