Fair Game

There are times that we tell ourselves that we know how something will end and when we are caught with it we wish it never began. Right now, it wasn’t fading anymore. It has faded. I didn’t want you to go. Even in the worst says, I will still be thankful. I have learned a lot. You’re someone who began to keep things and I respect your privacy. What you do in your life isn’t my business anymore. The distance is very presence. It felt as if you didn’t even notice.

I’ve tried and pretended it’s just a bad day for you but it became everyday.

Not all love rekindles. And I don’t a love that needs pleading.

I am not one to give up easily. I am someone who stays loyal. I believe in consistency. But some people just need to go and you have to let go of them even if you didn’t want to. Love isn’t always enough. No one is ever going to change for you. No one. Ask more for yourself.

I’ve always been afraid of letting things go because it’s hard to find a replacement or to risk finding something better. I am not much of a seeker. I hold on to whatever I have. I fear the unknown. I have to put more faith in the world as opposed to myself. I am where i am supposed to be. It’s time to fill this with something else.

Faith Life Thoughts

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