Bad Reputation

Everyone is still on edge. Taal volcano is still threatening to erupt any moment. Volcanoes in Mexico and Japan also erupted. Maybe the Pacific Ring of Fire is active now. The first month hasn’t ended and there are so much happening in the world. From my observations, animals were the ones suffering the most. From the Amazon forest to the Australian bushfires and the horses in Taal.

It was so heartbreaking to see people lose their livelihood, their home, and the animals who got left behind and died. Some retailers took advantage of the situation and have jacked-up their selling price of the face masks.

I understand why some people left their animals. The horses, the pigs, the cattles because they are heavy and they don’t have large vehicles to transport them right away but the people who have left their caged birds and the dogs are really sickening. Those poor animals who died. They should’ve been part of the disaster plan. We can’t leave them. They depend their lives on us.

But i don’t think we have a disaster plan. Where is the calamity fund? Volunteers are the ones who are giving the most. They have slashed the funds and now asking for donations. When will the corruption end? This was a test of a disaster plan. The government should know better now.


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