You Can’t Promise Anything Now

What is a Church?

Some would say it’s about the people. Fellowship, worship and ministry. About expressing love about God. It should be a safe haven for everyone especially children.

They often express ‘family’ as a very important matter which I think they mean. Priests have family. It’s a priesthood. That’s why they protect their own. How many rape cases have been reported? Now, it’s suddenly common. Abusing kids. Raping children and nuns and have them forced an abortion as they move to another nun. They are so outraged about ‘pro-life’. Talk about hypocrisy.

Ever since I’ve always find church people more impolite than the ones who don’t go to church regularly. Everyone is a sinner but sometimes religions or organizations have always been one of the most evil and corrupt institutions. Priests rape children and Catholic church will decide the outcome of it because it’s considered an internal matter of the Church. It’s so idiotic.

We as individuals – we make our own moral decisions. Unless the Catholic church resolves this issues. I don’t think they can ever be the voice of good reason.

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