Into The New Year

First day of the year. I am going to stop chasing the things that aren’t for me. Especially people. People you chased are never caught anyway. It is a waste of time and energy. I trust in the Lord that things will happen if they are meant to happen. People will stay with you if they want to stay with you. We should chase moments and experiences instead. Chase soul level connections. New discoveries. Your inner peace. Find your passion. Love will find you the least you expect it. It will show when you are ready. When you have fallen in love with yourself and things that should matter.

I should be more accepting of change, i am so dead set on the life plan i have, and things are proving to go the opposite way. I should learn how to embrace the unknown, because i am going to be continually be let down. Let change flow through me. My love life has been a let down. I am most happy when i am with a committed loyal relationship with someone i know i can count on.

Life Thoughts

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