It wasn’t mean to end like this

If he truly wanted to. He would. Remember that.

I don’t even know what’s wrong with me anymore
things are kinda falling apart and so am i
if i know I’m going crazy
i must not be insane

I felt your sincerity
until one day, you stopped
i thought you just wanted some space and time you needed
so you can focus on your inner demons

I was sad
i need someone to hold
someone who will stay
someone who will have my back

It’s all easier said than done
it will never be the same
you made me glow
you made me happy
i love that feeling
I don’t want someone else
i only wanted you

It was stupid to think we are going to make it.
i am tired chasing you
the waiting game tired me out.
Even if you know each other for so long
both have confided
both were there for one another
you can’t fight the change of feelings
you were too quiet near the end
you built me up for so long
and have let me down

Life Love Thoughts

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