Bon voyage

If I text you and you don’t reply. It’s okay, I still miss you.

The past week was surely a test. My right ear aches, my high school friend started ignoring me, then my supposedly SO started ghosting me for like five days now.

My life is falling apart. I have already talked to my mom. I’m moving next year. To start my life. To change my plans. I am gonna move on and forward. I will let go of the people who chose to leave me.

Since 13 years old. You had as many chances as you like yet you screwed all of them. You come and you go. You do whatever you want. I thought this time it would be different. Old habits die hard, huh? But you screwed big this time. Left me wounded. Shattered. Abandoned. It’s crazy after everything, I’m still worried. And I’ll always be. I’m not one to look at the negative things. it’s not like I was abused or anything anyways. Wherever you are. I hope you’re alive and well. And that someday you’ll meet someone who’s actually worth staying for.

No bad blood. It’s not really me to hold onto anger anymore. But you brought back my worst cold empty self. And I’m scared of how much I’m going to change because of it.


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