When In

Things change whether you’re around to notice them or not.

It’s been two years. 10 years in total. Everything was planned. Hope, love, promises. Then something happened, now you are a very confused person. Now you say, all your promises are gone. Now, you don’t even want to hear from me or message me anymore. I’ve realize for a while that I had to walk away. Walk away from someone not afraid to lose me. Who makes me feel unimportant.

I trust His plans. He gave you to me for a while and it made me the happiest. Now, he took you away again. I know there is a reason.

I forgive you, for hurting me. For not thinking of me. I forgive you for giving up. I forgive you for letting me suffer in front of your eyes and you don’t even bother to care to ask if I am okay. I forgive you breaking your promises over and over again. I thought this time we can make it after so many chances. I gave you too many. And all you did was blew all of them.


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