The Enemy

Loneliness is not the answer. It’s not where you belong. It’s not what life comes down to. It’s not your sanctum. It’s not your final deliverance.

Have faith in God and the people around you that they’re capable of getting you out of the darkness. They’re capable of showing you their love. It starts with a little bit of faith, with a small risk, with letting someone in slowly.

Showing people your vulnerabilities will only make you stronger and showing them who you really are will make them love you even more. Realize that some people out there will see all your dark sides and stay. Loneliness will never save you from the pain or hardships or stop life from having its way with you.

Learn how to let people in. Learn to ask for help when you need them. Don’t shy away. Tell someone how you feel because sometimes that’s all they need to hear from you so they can be there for you. Sometimes they just want you to realize that they’ve been waiting for you to extend your hand before they hold you.

Loneliness is not something you deserve.

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