the butterfly effect

the smallest actionwill change the course of lifestart a chain reactionHave you ever experiencedSuch a thing in your life? Don’t be afraidOf making bad choicesStay loud, raise your voiceLife changesEven if you’re not moving

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love comes when you least expect it amazing feeling too stunned to wrestle with it unexpected love hits the hardest your old sky turns the darkest love will make you the weakest attacks unexpectedly it cuts you the deepest is it worth one more push as you turn around slowly it rushes to you for…

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Difficulty Of Doing Nothing

you start to overthink things thinking about the future that causes your anxiety carrying all this weight on your shoulder trying to control everything around you worrying about what happens next I guess your greatest fear is to waste your prime wilt in despair wasting your time

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You only want me When it’s convenient Having me as your beck and call Like it’s some sort of achievement Calling me when you’re drunk I filled your void temporarily Hoping to get closer each fuck You wanted me just momentarily Leaving in the morning Without any trace Ignoring all the warnings I lose my…

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what would i tell you

you won’t find yourself where you have lost it it’s not always good for our health being stuck is hard to admit want to return to the past when we were loved and happy cornered and we want to get out fast good old days, nothing crappy lost your way and direction goal and drive…

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Not An Easygoing Person

She used to dream Of becoming a doctor Sick people she wanted to heal But life events shocked her Lost and alone She started walking On the path of unknown Looking for her calling People she knew dying She realised one thing Plans are constantly changing Can’t afford to keep stalling Always been sheltered Protected…

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If You Listen

The past few weeks Have been difficult to process We have watched the police using violence against protesters Some take advantage We call them looters People want change But the response is slaughter How can a skin color can determine privileges and status Flags and statues burning no law we can trust How is this…

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How Does A Person Change?

How does a person changeWhen the world feels dark and heavyA spotlight onstageI yearn for peace, Lord please lead me I am drifting away from the goodLost and lonelySearching for signs of YouHoping you’ll shine light on me I ask myself whyWhy bad things happen?Why people pass away?Why do we suffer? Trouble timesI am moving…

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Supporting Role

willing to listencall me anytimei’ll always be herei’ll hold you for a while listening but they don’t get itbroken words and full of liesno one cares, they’ll leave you bewhy do people lie? friends should be a support systemshould have your back for lifekeep in touch, ask how you feelbut the spot is always unoccupied…

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